Langford Budville & Runnington

Overlooking the Vale of Taunton Deane

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Register of Members Interests:

Roger Poole;  Valerie Pitman;   Jan Middleton;   Mike Perry;  David Faulkner;

Annual Return:

Financial Year ended:  31 March 2015;  31 March 2016; 31 March 2017March 2018;

Yearly Parish Council Balance Sheet: 

Balance sheet 2014/15;   Balance sheet 2015/16; Balance Sheet 2016/17; Balance sheet 2017/18;

Notice of Conclusion of Audit:

Audit Notice 2017; Audit Notice 2016;

Notice of Commencement of Period for the Exercise of Public Rights

Notice of Commencement 2017: Notice of Commencement 2018:

Internal Audit Report

 Audit Report 2016; Audit report 2018

Asset Register:

Asset Register 2015;   Asset Register 2016; Asset Register 2017;

CIL Annual Report:

CIL Annual Report 2016;  

Accounting Statements:

Accounting statement 2018;  

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciliation 2017/18

Certificate of Exemption

Certificate 2017/18

Explanation of Variances

Variances 2017/18